Keynote Speaker / 主讲嘉宾

Prof. Yanjiao Chen, Wuhan University, China


Speech Title: Privacy-preserving Auction for Dynamic Spectrum Access

Abstract: Spectrum is indispensable but limited resource for wireless communications. To address the spectrum crunch due to ever-growing wireless and mobile services, dynamic spectrum access is proposed and spectrum auction is deemed as a promising way for spectrum redistribution. While economic robustness is an important aspect, privacy preservation is also an essential concern for auction participants. This talk focuses on the rationale, design, and real implementation of privacy-preserving spectrum auctions, reviewing our team's research achievements in this area, and also discuss some future research directions.

Biography: Yanjiao Chen is currently the professor at the School of Computer Science, Wuhan University. Dr. Chen received her bachelor and PhD degree from Tsinghua University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology respectively. Her research interests include wireless networks, network security, AI security, and cloud computing. She has published more than 60 peer reviewed papers in renowned conferences and journals, including IEEE TIFS, TMC, TON, TPDS, INFOCOM, ACM MobiHoc. She has received various awards, including 100th Youth Talent of Hubei Province, and Rising Star award of ACM-Wuhan. She currently serves as Associate Editors for IEEE Wireless Communications Letters and she is the TPC member for INFOCOM 2020.

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