Registration / 注册明细

Early Bird Registration Fee

Note: The early bird registration will be closed on October 25, 2023.


Regular Attendance 

Student Author/学生作者 460 USD/3400 RMB
Author(IEEE member)/作者(IEEE会员) 490 USD/3600 RMB
Author / 一般作者 520 USD/3750 RMB
Presentation Only/不出版只报告 330 USD/2400 RMB
Student Listener/学生参会代表
250 USD/1850 RMB
280 USD/2050 RMB
Additional Paper/一个作者多篇文章 400 USD/2950 RMB
Extra Page/超页费
50 USD/360 RMB

Regular Registration Fee after October 25, 2023


Regular Attendance 

Student Author/学生作者 490 USD/3600 RMB
Author(IEEE member)/ 作者(IEEE会员) 520 USD/3800 RMB
Author / 普通作者 550 USD/4000 RMB
Presentation Only/不出版只报告 360 USD/2650 RMB
Student Delegate/学生参会代表
230 USD/1700 RMB
270 USD/2000 RMB
Additional Paper/一个作者多篇文章 400 USD/2950 RMB
Extra Page/超页费 50 USD/360 RMB per page

Registration Tips

All conference attendees must register. Personal badges will be provided to identify registered participants in the conference site. All registered participants will have access to the lunch, dinner on Jan. 13, 2024, and one conference gift as the souvenir. NO accommodation and transportation fee will be included.

For publication, each paper must be paid by one of the authors in order to inclusion in the conference proceedings. At least one author of a paper should pay a full registration fee. One registration allows only 1 participant to attend the conference. If co-author or family member would like to attend the conference, please register as the listener. Each additional paper may be included in the conference proceedings for an additional fee. And additional paper registration requires that two papers have the same FIRST authors.

Student fee is ONLY applicable for students who are the FIRST authors.

• The presenter registration fee includes admission to the conference presentation, lunch, dinner on Jan. 13, 2024, and one conference gift.
• 只报告不出版的注册费包含参会资格,会议当天(1月13日)的午餐,晚餐,以及会议资料(不含论文集)。

A normal registration to the paper contains 5 pages only and extra pages is possible but will be charged for 50 USD/320 RMB per page. Your final paper version should be no more than 10 pages.

• Delegate registration includes admission to the conference, lunch, dinner on Jan. 13 and conference gift, etc. About the quick delegate registration, please click.

• 参会代表注册包含会议参会、1月13日的午餐,晚餐,以及会议资料等(不包含会议论文集)。 注册费不包含住宿费和交通费等。


Camera-ready Guidelines for Authors

1. Please check your submission information carefully in the Camera-ready papers. The information will be used to automatically generate the table of contents of the proceedings, the author's index, the book of abstracts and the final program of the conference.

2. You must also upload a zip file to conference scretary to finish the registration process: / 注册时需提交以下材料:
» Formated final paper. / 论文终稿
» A proof of the payment of your registration fee. / 付款证明
» A filled registration form. / 填写好的注册表
» Letter from the student's institution with a college or university letterhead, stating that the student is pursuing a degree in the university (if your registration is "student rate"). / 学生证等证明文件的扫描件。


Refunds and Cancellation Deadline

The cancellation deadline is on November 15, 2023.

Cancellations before November 15, 2023 is acceptable but it will be charged for 30% of registration fee as the handling fee.


Exclusion of Liability

The Conference Organizer will not be held responsible for participants' failure to attend the conference directly or indirectly occasioned by visa application deny, riots, diseases or any conditions beyond the control of the Conference Organizer. And thus, the conference registration fee cannot be refunded.


Conference Site Safety Policy

For safety of your properties, please take good care of your belongings in the conference site. The organizer will not be held responsible for any damage or loss by way cause whatsoever. For the safety of participants and properties, please be sure to wear the conference badge in the conference period. And participants are not suggested to carry unrelated people into the conference rooms.


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